Members save up to 50% off every trip by simply watching a one minute video in app. Also we offer on the way courier delivers within a 1.5, 3 and 8 hr windows.

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from $6.50 / trip

The Carpool Experience that matches commuters heading in the same direction, saving time, money, and the environment

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“Just like your regular commute, only without the stress, traffic and extra expense! “



Simply set your trip and the platform takes care of the rest.


Rate your driver and provide anonymous feedback to help us create the best community in Brisbane and turn every trip in to a 5 star experience.


All the convenience of driving yourself, with the time saving and convenience of being driven, all at close to public transport prices. It’s a no Brainer.

Safe & Secure

We’re cashless plus all transactions are encrypted keeping your information safe and making every trip smooth and easy so you can get on with your day.

We use ads for good

watch a 1 minute video while on your commute and get up to 50% off your fare so you can use that money on things that are important to you.

Not just another rideshare company

Get matched with others travelling in the same direction – taking cars off the road and helping the environment and your pocket at the same time.

Members are family

Priority matching ensures your ride is there when you need it. You’re not just a number, you’re part of our family with access to exclusive perks from our partners and 24/7 support.

More time for you

If you spend just 15 minutes travelling to and from work that equates to a massive 15.6 work days, 5.2 full days or 125 hours each year. What could you do with an extra 15 working days in your calendar each year?


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Zula isn’t just another rideshare company we are trip sharing platform that’s matches drivers and passengers heading in the same direction making carpooling fun, easy and reliable. More importantly we designed it as a platform that replaces the need to drive yourself to work, helping you significantly reduce your monthly transportation expenses. While at the same time saving the environment and reducing the number of cars on our roads, making peak hour traffic a thing of the past.

As our platform is powered by everyday people like you and me driving to and from work not taxi drivers, we have adopted a subscription model to ensure both drivers and passengers get a trip that matches their own. However if you prefer to take a one off you can also take a casual or “Pay as you go” trip however we aren’t able to guarantee a match.

Do you prefer to Pay as you go?

  • $13/trip up to 20km’s with $0.12/km thereafter
  • No guaranteed Driver matching
  • No access to subsidised rides - check out subsidize plans here.

Did you know that Transportation costs are on average the 3rd largest household expense in Australia behind Housing and food expenses.


As a part of our family you get guaranteed priority matching, meaning you can ditch the drivers seat and take all the stress out of your daily commute. (We won’t activate your account until we have at least one driver taking a similar trip everyday).

Here’s what you get:

  • Trips from only $6.50 up to 20kms with $0.12/km thereafter
  • A guaranteed ride between 07:00-09:30am and 04:00-07:00pm
  • Subsidised Trips
  • Priority driver matching
  • Coupons and freebies from sponsoring businesses to help you get even more out of life
  • Lifetime membership (our joining fee is valid for life)

So go on what are you waiting for check out our plans here.

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Try Us For One Week Risk Free 5

Entitle you to

16 trip/month for

total trip cost (includes $39 monthly subscription and $4.50 per trip)

Thats only $27.76/week for 4 trips

Save $89/month

Entitle you to

24 trip/month for

total trip cost (includes $69 monthly subscription and $4.25 per trip)

Thats only $42.78/week for 6 trips

Save $129/month

Best Value

Entitle you to

40 trip/month for

total trip cost (includes $99 monthly subscription and $4.03 per trip)

Thats only $65/week for 10 trips

Save $260/month

Entitle you to

56 trip/month for

total trip cost (includes $149monthly subscription and $3.99 per trip)

Thats only $93.10/week for 14 trips

Save $327.6/month

One off lifetime joining fee applies to all new members for only $78 6


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A Brisbane based tripshare app, offering customers the chance to “trip-share” to their destination with people who are already driving on a similar route. Saving time, money and the environment, all while creating friendships and reducing the number of cars on our roads. We also provide on the way courier deliveries 24/7 within 1.5, 3 and 8 hr windows at super competitive prices. Forget 9 to 5, we deliver anytime. From Big macs to Big Mac's [Apple computers] ;) Zula delivers.

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Calculate your cost

  1. For active monthly subscriptions
  2. Up to 20kms, any trip over 20kms will incur $0.12/km charged directly to your wallet.
  3. Max 1/4 of trips can be taken each week i.e. 40 trips/month = 10 one way trips / week can be taken in any 1 one week (Monday to Sunday)
  4. Saving based on taking same number of rides using PAYG with no subscription @ $13/trip up to 20 km’s.
  5. Try us for a full working week (5 days up to 10 trips and 20km's max/trip) and if you don't like us we'll refund the total amount spent on fares for that week minus the non refundable joining fee.
  6. Lifetime joining fee is non refundable.
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